Motion Graphics - TVCs, Billboards Ads & Digital content

In an ever changing fast paced digital world, brands require low risk, high reward solutions at record turn around time. One of which is motion graphics. With the plethora of dynamic communication mediums spanning from Social media, to digital billboards and TV, brands need content that'll popular said media and always give them a leg-over the competition. It's been my privilege, throughout my career to produce work with multiple amazing brands; too many to fit here. Meanwhile, find below a snapshot with more available on request

Product management, design & Strategy - UI/UX design

Over the course on my career, I've been privileged to build some amazing solutions for some amazing brands. Even cooler was building multidisciplinary teams of illustrators, engineers, strategists and motion artists with the sole focus of building products that work. Too many and too daunting to all include here, pleasefind below a snapshot with more available on request.

Orange Pulse -

Orange Cameroon had a need to consolidate it's youth segment into one location and continuously cater to it with a strong content strategy. The brief was to build an app where the youth segment could always get information, pertaining the brand and other things.
My solution was a progressive web app, versus an iPhone or Android app. This to make it is as accessible as possible to young people, without a learning curve. Where instead of bouncing around app stores, they simply typed in the link,,

Orange Comedy Club - Riromentre 3.0
The goal was to gauge how funny each comedic performance was during the live show. I lead the team to turn build a solution that helped the audience present and others who couldn't make the live show, follow in real-time who was funniest. The result was a light PWA that engaged the audience to vote for their favourite comedian in real time.

Print & Screen Design

Spanning a wide range of brands, problem solving is the main theme behind my creatives. How they unlock key learnings and fit perfectly in to the brand's context. The philosophy has always been to create beautiful creatives that work. Creativity with a point of view. Please find below a snapshot of my work with more available on request

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